Free Online Distribution on Hulu Japan and Competition Status


We are pleased to announce that the film festival will be streamed free of charge through Hulu, an online video distribution service, for five days from Friday, September 18 to Tuesday, September 22.

Due to the recent world situation, there have been many calls for the cancellation of the film festival.

However, this is the 30th film festival, which should have been a memorable event, and in order not to disrupt this historic film festival, we are going to make it possible for you to watch the film festival online and at home! We are delighted that Hulu Japan has decided to support the 30th edition of the film festival.

In order to help more people to enjoy the film festival, we have decided to offer free streaming of the films for those who come to the festival every year and for those who have never heard of Yubari Fanta before.

During the festival, we plan to screen films from the competition as well as various other events, so please don’t miss this opportunity to experience the new Yubari Fanta!

*Hulu Japan is only available in Japan

Competition Status

This year’s competition entries for each section are as follows

Number of entries
760 films *Including duplicate entries
Fantastic Yubari Competition Section: 364 films
International Short Film Competition: 250 films
Other planning and sponsorship category: 146 films

Countries that have applied
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Uganda, etc.
Total of 27 countries (including collaborations)



  • 朝日新聞様
  • 北海道新聞社様
  • 読売新聞北海道支社様
  • 十勝毎日新聞社様
  • EPSON様
  • ポッカサッポロ様
  • 株式会社スターチャンネル様
  • (株)ゼロワン様
  • ANA様
  • 総合商研(株) 様
  • 日本郵便(株)様
  • ゆうちょ銀行(株)様
  • ネクスコ東日本様
  • 新千歳空港ターミナルビルディング(株)様
  • マメゾウピクチャーズ様
  • マルハニチロ株式会社様
  • サンケイ技研様
  • 株式会社ティーシーエイ様
  • (株)アメリア・ネットワーク様
  • ホクユーパックグループ様
  • ユナイテッド・コモンズ法律事務所様
  • (株)プリズム 様
  • 芸術文化振興基金様
  • 幸福の黄色いハンカチ基金 様
  • (公財)JKA様
  • カタギリ・コーポレーション(株)様